A Home Away From Home

Divine Girls School offers hostel facilities that are design to provide a home atmosphere to the children. the facilities are available from class I onwards.

The hostellers avail some of the finest facilities for sports at the well equipped Sports Complex where they can play games of their choice under the supervision of expert coaches. Cultural events like Fresher’s Night and the Hostel Farewell are organized with great enthusiasm, which ensures the finest bonding amongst the students. Students also enjoy some memorable moments when the Chairman, Director and other honorable members of the School Management join them for dinner and all other major school events.

Life at the hostel provides numerous social, philanthropic and leadership possibilities. Hostel residents enhance their leadership and organizational skills, by assuming governing roles such as Head Girl and In-charge of Food, Cleanliness, Cultural and Discipline Committees. These In-charges, along with Food Monitors, actively contribute towards making community living a joyful learning experience.

Parents sending their children to a boarding school will have many queries and anxieties. The School ensures that a child on becoming a part of our hostel is provided all the facilities she would have had at home. It can’t be denied that, improper boarding facilities will affect the child’s concentration and involvement in his or her daily activities in school. Keeping this in mind, the school endeavours to provide boarding facilities of optimum standard and quality. Every student is provided with a comfortable bed, and a locker to keep safe her personal belongings. Support staff is also in place to take care of the child’s hygiene and sanitation, and to maintain the cleanliness of the residence. Residences are provided with uninterrupted power and water supply. The diet of a growing child should have all the nutrients that helps him to enjoy a sound physical as well as mental growth.

Hence, our qualified dietician plans the menu in such a manner that every meal has all the required nutrients for a growing child. The School mess has a well-equipped, modern kitchen and efficient chefs to cook and serve food, of good taste and high nutritive value.

The mess-in-charge is responsible for the proper quality and hygiene of the food being served. she also plans the menu & recipe in a manner that the child does not miss home cooked food. Keeping this in view, a large variety of dishes are served consistently.

To inculcate a sense of responsibility among the students, suggestions regarding the planning of the menu are invited from them, on a regular basis.


We know how to make out of our student's talent
We believe in every child equal opportunities to succeed
We teach our students how they can be changed they want to be seen in the world
We committed to making every child feel safe, inspired and empowered

There is no Greater pillar of stability than a STRONG, FREE, & EDUCATED WOMEN