Chairman Message


We also believe that hard work is the key to success. Keeping this principle in view, at Divine International Girls School

In the present era of modernization, competitiveness and rapid changes where education is losing the real meaning and has become a synonym of earning bread and butter. There is an intense need for an educational system which can provide the highest degree of academic excellence with adequate opportunities for mental, physical, emotional and social growth of students. Divine International Girls School Jhunjhunu is such an institute which is determined to provide modern, scientific education with the equal chances of development of various skills to make students aware of their unlimited hidden potential.

Divine International Girls School Jhunjhunu with its modern, technically advanced, child-centered and eco-friendly infrastructure will prove itself a place giving freedom of learning, making child eager and spontaneous to learn. Moreover, with academic achievement, we equally emphasize values, spirituality and positive attitude in life.


Rajendra Singh Mandiwal


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